In-person Workshop Hosted by Telefonica


Taking Wireless Transport to the Beyond 5G Age and Development of a New SDN Ecosystem for Automation of Wireless Transport Management

September 12-14, 2022, Munich, Germany

Will microwave still be sufficient for Beyond 5G and 6G transport applications? Microwave and mmWave beyond 10Gbps – what is to be expected, and when, and where (how) – when can we expect to do 100Gpbs? Wireless Transport Spectrum – Status and User Scenarios for New Bands (D-Band, W-Band). Advanced in Multi-Band Microwave/mmWave – Options and Tradeoffs – Long Reach vs. Bandwidth (minimizing deployment costs, ranges up to 10km or even beyond) Options for High Power Solutions in Bands at or above 80GHz and smart infrastructure and installation solutions (how many dBs to gain – at which cost); Can network operators use a standardized ONF interface to manage all wireless transport systems. Exploring efforts and ideas for new applications to the open platform ahead of multiple vendors management systems.

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